Supporting the Liberation of Indigenous People


Dark Night Press has been a leading voice on the Internet since 2000 dedicated to supporting the struggle for liberation of indigenous peoples against the powers responsible for the colonialization of their lands.

Indigenous peoples have been subject to a long history of oppression and dehumanizing conditions at the hands of their colonizers without garnering the attention given to other oppressed peoples.

Dark Night Press was established to give a voice to those involved in the struggle for freedom to share their thoughts and experiences with the hope of uniting all oppressed people in a movement advancing forward the dream of a unified and liberated continent. Those whose words have appeared in Dark Night Press publications are engaged in ending the darkness and recognizing The Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Indigenous peoples of the Americas currently number around 48 million and are descendants of the pre-Columbrian inhabitants of North and South America. Modern society labels indigenous people as “Native Americans”, “Aboriginals”, “First Nations” or simply “Indians” (due to Christopher Columbus’ mistake in geography), but indigenous people in reality cannot be broken down into neat categorizations developed by colonizers to group them together racially and take away their identity.


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